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Mitt Romney 2 - On Job Creation and his In-electability vs. Obama

Economists tend to agree...

On Romney's Job Creation Record (click here to watch video)

In other words, while you can't fault Mitt Romney's company (as explained here) you can say with great certainty that he can't beat Obama on his "job creation record".

As Zakaria explains:

Now it is striking that this attack is coming in a Republican presidential primary. After all, what Romney did while at Bain Capital was classic capitalist “creative destruction.” He took over businesses and tried to make them more productive and efficient. To do so, he often had to shed jobs.

Republicans should be celebrating Romney’s prior work as an example of how the market functions – driving out inefficiency, generating productivity and creating a lean, mean capitalist machine.

The fact that Romney’s past has turned into a line of attack tells you that something has changed in America. Even in the Republican Party, there is a huge concern about what globalization and technological change are doing to the average, middle-class American. There is a sense that the system is not working for the median American worker.

Even Newt Gingrich knows that, as he proved that Romney is better at giving out pink slips that creating jobs, i.e. it may be a Democrat type attack BUT it's also TRUE.

A 'liberal' would define Mitt Romney's job like this...

"The amounts of money are so vast that it is truly a matter of time before the taxation of private equity is front and center of the public agenda,” said James E. Post, a Boston University professor who teaches business-government relations. “Increasingly, this world of private equity looks like a world of robber barons, and Romney comes out of that world."

As the following conversation shows, Newt attacks Romney on capitalism NOT job creation! (A Liberal attack!) ...

“Venture capitalism is taking risks,” Bolling said. “Bain Capital took risks on companies that likely may have failed had they–”

“Steve, wait a second, you don’t even know,” Gingrich interrupted, thinking it was host Steve Doocy talking. “You have no proof, they are a totally private firm, they have never explained what they did.”

“But that’s what they do– I’m no fan–”

“I don’t have any question about the general process of entrepreneurial conservatism,” Gingrich said. There are a series of cases that don’t look right. And I’m saying, for a guy to run for President, use his record as the basis for running, and then tell us we’re not allowed to ask about his record?”

Bolling tried to follow up with a series of interjections:

“Sir, let me follow that up–”
“But, but sir–”
“Mr. Speaker, let–”
…but Gingrich plowed through, with Bolling resigned to listening, before they eventually ran out of time on the segment and hurriedly cut to break.

Watch a clip of the exchange by clicking here.

So first Newt Gingrich calls himself a conservative then he uses a Liberal attack... as usual, Newt Gingrich is "Consistently In-Consistent".

Why did Newt Gingrich do that?

(Video from here)

It makes more sense for Newt Gingrich to attack Mitt Romney on the weird stuff...

[Note: He dragged his dog for 12 hours on his roof. Vs. Obama? He would be crushed.]

People keep cracking that Teleprompter joke about Obama, I got bad news for ya'll, Romney needs a Teleprompter, otherwise he begins to sounds kinda rude...

"The key to avoid using a Teleprompter is to memorize the same speech patterns and repeat them over and over and over and over and over and over"

Finally, all Mitt Romney is doing is copying Obama, how is he going to beat him?

From Mitt Romney's facebook page...

My plan makes America the most attractive place in the world for entrepreneurs, for innovators and for job creators. It says if Boeing wants to build in South Carolina, it can build in South Carolina.

Here is what Obama is saying...

The question remains... whay does Mitt Romney do so well? Answer: Because the Republican party is more traditional than many analysts realize. With John McCain's support, the "waiting in line" torch was passed on to Mitt Romney and so he is now the unofficial 'party head'.

Despite the tea party’s extraordinary energy over the past year, it looks like former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will win his party’s nomination. At the end of the day, Republicans are following a familiar pattern: Nominating the mainstream candidate who has waited his turn. This is the party that’s had a Bush or a Dole on its ticket for 20 years. It’s a party that also had Richard Nixon on its presidential ticket for 20 years.

In other words, although Mitt Romney has no chance against Obama, it would be seen has disloyal to many NOT to follow the traditional line of the GOP...

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